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Speculating Alternative Futures of 

Fulfillment Centers centered on

Workers' Data Ownership, Worker Well-being and Solidarity, and Power Dynamics 

This website is a collection of design proposals “speculating”  alternative futures of Amazon fulfillment centers by an interdisciplinary design team based in [anonymized for review]. 

We create multiple design spaces (including dystopian possibilities) for future FCs based on our eclectic research into current struggles and issues shared among FC workers. 

We invite everyone, including past, current, and future FC workers, to these alternative future FCs and co-speculate with us. 

Our designs are intended to spark new ideas, speculations, or discussions about the current and future FCs. Thus, our designs purposely lack technical and practical feasibility for developing and implementing the proposals. 


Our collection hopes to be a space for exploring alternative possibilities for future FCs, which may eventually lead us to seek human values in future workplaces.

Click on the below images to learn more about each of the nine speculative designs.

Work To Unlock

The Smart Blindfold

The Tradeoff

between Lunchtime & Wages

Connection Bubbles

Reverse Psychology: Hierarchical Dissonance

The Safest Place to Work

Safe Space Generator

A Guide of Defensive Strategies

Growing Plants

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